We provide "Hydraulic pump commercial intertech", "Tirfor guideline lifting", "Gate Valve MCM" . . . and other oil and gas supplies

PT Inpetro Gemilang is completely Indonesia owned and operated company. Our market- approach strategy aims to take into account all the requirements so that we can propose the products best suite to our costumers needs with a fast and experient manner.
Strive to be a dedicated, helpful, knowledgeable and friendly partner in supply and service for contractors and oil companies in Indonesia.

Provide the best solutions for every application by supported with our highly skilled sales engineers and trained customer service representatives also some partners in USA and Singapore to obtain attractive on a wide range of products.

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"Inpetro has been strong supporter of elnusa for past 8 years"

Dodi Oktoriadi, Procurement Div PT. ELnusa Tbk

"We find Inpetro has product knowledge expertise and service level required"

Non Engine Specialist PT. Pertamina Drilling Services Indonesia

"Professional and hardworking in their services delivered the expected project on schedule"

Owner of PT. Adepass – PT. Pertamina EP Asset 2 pendopo Project

"Inpetro has competitive price and excellent job"

Wenda Thahir – Procurement PT. Saripari Pertiwi Abadi

"Reliable & Honest supplier, Inpetro has been worked together with Caputra in Total Indonesie Project for 3 years"

Caputra Mitra Sejati – PT.Total Indonesie Project

We provide quality products

Friendly partner in supply and service for contractors and oil companies in Indonesia

Hand crank – Robinson

Tape Oil Gaughing and Plum Bobs – Lufkin

Pressure Calibrator Kit – OMEGA

Hammer Wrench – wipro

Salinity kit – ofite testing

Hose Quick Coupling